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  • CRP Tree and Brush Clearing


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  • Implementation/Equipment


    Quality Equipment

    is key to Quality Work!


    Our Modern Equipment and Technology ensures that when your CRP is Implemented you will get the best stand for your practice. We use a 30 foot Great Plains Native Seed Specialty Drill and a Pendulum Style Vicon Broadcaster for superior spread pattern vs a spinner set-up.  When applicable we pull a Brillion Cult packer to ensure the best seed to soil contact.

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  • Native Seed Mixes

    Native Seed Mixes

    We give you the option of paying only 20% down to lock in the seed price,

    with the balance due when you pick up your seed. Or if we are planting it for you, it is not due until the seeding is completed.


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    Our quality of seed & Integrity of Species is what we are most proud of here at Freedom Creek Prairie. Our seed comes from a grower in the northern part of our region.  All seed is stringently tested for noxious weeds, and local ecotype is used depending on availability.  Our climate controlled seed storage facility ensures that your seed is fresh at the time of implementation. We design our own seed mixes for each practice, that enables us to choose seed species that we know will thrive on our region and you will realize in your seeding.  We also will help with you with the preapproval process at your local NRCS office. Our seed for your approved seed plan will be top of the line and will come with dedicated service to make sure that you understand the full process of your implementation.

    Freedom Creek Prairie has competitive prices that will enable you to afford the very best seed in the business! 20% down will lock in your seed price, the remainder is not due until after we complete your Implementation or when you pick up your seed for self implementation.  Seed sales for self-implementation are also available and comes with the same dedicated service to help you better understand your NRCS guidelines and requirements.  Full Service Implementation and Seed Bed Prep services such as tillage, fire and mowing are also available here at Freedom Creek Prairie.

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    Let our strong work ethic and commitment to detail help you, 

    Create Habitat as Nature Intended.



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  • Prescribed Fire Burning



    Fire Burns

    For thousands of years tall grass prairies were kept free of trees and woody species by occasional wildfires that swept across the landscape. In the absence of these natural fires, the over growth of invasive trees, grasses and shrubs is all too apparent. The diverse plant communities that made up our prairies provided the habitat that our native wildlife needed for food and shelter. Populations of upland birds and wildlife species that once thrived here are dramatically declining because of the loss of habitat. 

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    Prescribed Fire Benefits

    • Improve Wildlife Habitat
    • Invigorate Native Plant Communities
    • Reduce Invasive Woody Species
    • Improves forage quality
    • Recycles nutrients to the soil
    • Removes dead vegetative build up layers
    • Exposes new growth
    • Increases plant diversity
    • Encourages native legume establishment

    A prescribed fire burn is an approved, cost share practice on CRP land as a Mid-Contract Management activity. Check with your Natural Resources Conservation office for details specific to your CRP contract.

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